Introduction of professors’ qualification

The faculty staff teaches in English, who were professors at Hankibo cyber theological seminary, the graduates from Hankibo seminary, or from ZOUEE biblical seminary. Each subject as follows:

President and Professor
Prof. Hankook Chang (Systematic Biblical theology and Revelation Exposition)

Prof. Jinhwan Kim(Epistles of Paul)
Prof. Seongcheol Chang (Book of Prophecy)
Prof. Hwajeong Kang (John)
Prof. Hyeonju Park (Dogmatics of New Commandment)
Prof. Hyegyeong Lee (Epistles of Peter)
Prof. Bokim Lim (Genesis)
Prof. HeaRyung Chang (General Overview of Revelation)
Prof. Song-iee Han (Pentateuch)
Prof. Shinki Lee (Law and Gospel)
Prof. Ilgyu Lee (Exodus of the End)